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Creating the Mailbox of the Future

By Ryan Lazarus and Andrew Hoerr
Peoria Magazines

Two Illinois firms have partnered to bring a modern mailbox for the drone delivery market to life. The RCVR-PAD is Valqari’s solution to the risks associated with drone delivery. A platform which can rest in a window, or stand-alone mailbox, allows drones to land and release packages into a secured and lockable device, preventing theft or damage to the items delivered.

So much of our lives has improved thanks to recent innovations in technology. Simple, mundane devices and appliances have suddenly become “smart.” Our TVs, doorbells, thermostats and refrigerators send notifications to our smartphones and allow us to change settings from anywhere in the world. In the age of ecommerce and emerging drone delivery technology, two young inventors from Chicagoland and their startup, Valqari, decided it was time to modernize the mailbox for the 21st century. They partnered with East Peoria, Illinois’ INTEGRIS Engineering to help bring their smart drone delivery mailbox to life.

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