The Future of Airborne Delivery is Now

Valqari is the only drone delivery solution that has solved the last inch logistic problems with its patented Smart Drone Delivery Mailbox that provides a secure and convenient delivery receptacle for both drone and traditional deliveries.

The Valqari Solution

A dependable solution for all drone deliveries.

Valqari presents a patented, automated device that gives drones a secure and convenient landing space when delivering traditional mail, packages, and parcel products.

Safe | Secure | Cost Effective | Efficient

How It Works

Icon Load


Mail carrier loads drone with desired package, mail, or parcel product.

Icon Takeoff


Smart mailbox uses a global positioning system to navigate drone to the landing pad.

Icon Arrive


Upon arrival, drone signals smart mailbox, triggering the opening of the trapdoor that exposes storage compartment.

Icon Security


The pad transfers package into the designated store compartment where it will be locked and secured.

Valqari’s Unmatched Patent Technology:

  • Reduces shipping costs
  • Expands market penetration
  • Limits liabilities
  • Provides a secure chain of custody
  • Increases consumer convenience

Valqari solves the last inch of Drone Delivery

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