Drone Delivery made simple.

With the Valqari landing station technology, drone deliveries become simple, safe and secure. The Drone Delivery Station provides a safe landing area, a secure payload vault, and a software system than connects to the drone, the customers, and other essentials (like Traffic Control) and does it all with hands free and secure chain of custody.


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Inside the Delivery Station, robotics ensure the package is taken to and from the vault, and positioned properly under the drone. A cloud based control software enables us to communicate with both the drones and customers to make sure the right package is in the right place at the right time.

Valqari History: Valqari’s solution started in 2013 when co-founders Ryan Walsh and Alexander Falesch considered the approaching reality of drone deliveries.  They thought about what the new systems were going to need and filed their first patents in 2014. They began creating their answer for the final “last Inch of the last mile’; drone delivery. In 2017, their vision became a reality with the Drone Delivery Station concept and Valqari was officially founded.

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