Valqari provides drone delivery safe, secure and scalable solutions for the medical, hospitality and other consumer and commercial markets, addressing for example the needs for Golf Courses, Stadiums and Campus Environments. In addition, our patented technologies have a number of other current and future use cases to meet the growing demand for drone deliveries.


Valqari helps golf courses improve their customer experience by enabling the clubhouse bar, pro shop, and menu to be predictably delivered to the golfer. No longer will the golfer be limited to the beverage cart. Our flexible capabilities range from Delivery as a Service to our patented landing stations.


Whether it is tailgating or emergency deliveries, Valqari provides the infrastructure to deliver food and drinks, sundries or urgent care equipment in stadium parking lots. By putting stations throughout the outside parking fields, stadiums can easily extend their reach by providing convenience and safety using Valqari’s drone landing infrastructure.


Valqari provides students a safe and secure way to get fresh food delivered quickly. Our drone infrastructure enables fast and efficient delivery at secure points on campus, improving safety and reducing theft. Our solution is also environmentally friendly.

Future Applications

Current FAA regulations limit drone delivery capabilities to line of site applications. Once these regulations change, the number of applications increases dramatically to include everything from metro area commercial deliveries to consumer drop off points (like a mailbox).

Partnering Options

Valqari gives you options on how to work with us. We can provide turnkey solutions, managing the entire delivery service, or provide our products or license our technologies to a complementary partner.

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