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Zing and Valqari announce strategic partnership

Zing and Valqari Strategic Partnership – Opening new possibilities for Delivery by Drone
St. Petersburg, FL, Chicago, IL – June 22, 2020 – Zing Drones LLC ( and
Valqari LLC ( are pleased to announce their strategic partnership. By combining
their unique technologies they can provide autonomous delivery solutions to businesses and
residential users across the United States.
“By connecting Zing’s contactless delivery platform with Valqari’s secure receptacle we can drop
delivery times from 30 minutes down to 3 minutes. Using Part 107 licensed pilots within VLOS
(Visual Line-of-Sight) we can enable businesses to optimize their supply chains. Our combined
service enables them to pick their deliveries up when it is convenient to them- without obliging
them to wait for the delivery drone to arrive” said Ian Annase, CEO Zing.
“This partnership puts together two of the most critical pieces of the drone delivery puzzle; the
last mile and the last inch. Valqari’s smart mailbox enables customers to receive their orders in
a safe and secure manner, and to their own schedule” agreed Ryan Walsh.
Zing utilizes pilots from the vast network of over 170,000 Part 107 pilots across the United
States who have licenses to fly their drone for compensation. They pick up the packages and
use Zing’s high precision Xact Landing software to center the drone precisely over the mailbox
and release the package. The recipient is notified through an app, and the package is held
securely in the Valqari mailbox until it is convenient for them to come and pick it up.
“It’s a great step forward and opens new opportunities for our drone agnostic Mail Boxes” said
Ryan Walsh “We look forward to moving forward into the marketplace and delivering efficient
and effective solutions to our customers”
Valqari’s Smart Mailbox incorporates an automatic authentication process, followed by landing
guidance and a package receipt and storage system.
Zing’s contactless drone delivery platform enables Part 107 pilots around the United States to
make deliveries for compensation using the same drones they already know and trust.
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