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Valqari and BIB Technologies form strategic partnership

BIB Technologies, Inc ( ) and Valqari, LLC ( ) are pleased to
announce their new Strategic Partnership.
Valqari provides a hands-free, no-contact, safe and secure drone mailbox and handling system that enables
any drone to be part of an autonomous end-to-end delivery system. The Point-to-Point Delivery Service
provides a safe “unbroken chain of custody” with temperature control and sanitation keeping packages warm
and safe. The technology fits use cases any package delivery service and, in this case, food services, serving as
a mobile hub locker to drop off and pick up prepared meals.
BIB and Valqari are piloting a food delivery/pickup services program with ‘dark kitchens” options offering
turnkey enterprise-style platforms. Valqari’s system of drone delivery/pickup extends the range of the BIB
Truck. “We are starting with food and virtual kitchens that sell prepared meals as a grab-and-go option for
restaurants exclusively through delivery and pickup”, said Deloss Pickett, Founder, BIB Technologies.
“Supplied “hands free” through autonomous drones, the BIB truck becomes an unlimited delivery truck or an
endlessly supplied pickup and delivery vehicle, able to provide customers with what they want, wherever and
whenever the customer requires. We look to serve areas where the market and logistics are there, but the real
estate cost is too high to support brick and mortar operations or simply market test new areas at a low cost.”
“Think of the BIB truck as an EV food truck and hub-locker combination using IoT-app integrations,
together with Valqari’s drone delivery station” Pickett added. BIB technologies’ proof of concept was FRO, the
mobile ice cream truck of the future, serving plant-based soft serve deserts through Starbucks’ Evolution Fresh.
FRO was an energy challenge test for BIB technologies to prove the ability to be self-powered and run two
refrigerators and a soft serve machine on its own power source.
“We are looking forward exploring the Food Delivery use-case and bringing this particular partnership to
fruition.” said Ryan Walsh, CEO of Valqari, “Our initiative with BIB is one of the strategic alliances we are
establishing to demonstrate the breadth and scope of our technology. We are always looking for the next use
case and partners to make it happen.”

THE BIB TRUCK – A fully sustainable, mobile hub locker housing a customized food storage system which
allows restaurants to deliver prepared meals in a contact-less, temperature-controlled environment. It is the first fully
sustainable mobile platform using peer technology and temperature controlled IoT pick-up hub lockers to expand
current brick and mortar and dark kitchen food services.
VALQARI- Valqari makes the universal, “drone agnostic” receptacle enabling any kind of payload to be pickedup and delivered by any kind of drone. With the patents for “no touch” package dispatch and receipt, Valqari enables
asynchronous, autonomous freight delivery and drones’ full inclusion within all logistics networks.
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