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Airgility and Valqari announce partnership

CHICAGO, July 23, 2020– Airgility, an unmanned AI-powered drone company that is
dedicated to making a large social impact by creating unmanned autonomous aerial systems that
can fly anywhere, including areas with limited GPS access, is proud to announce its strategic
partnership with Valqari, to bridge modern delivery capabilities with advanced unmanned AIpowered drone technologies.
“We are looking forward to working with Valqari on their last mile delivery solutions. Their
technology will truly allow drone deliveries to take place in a more ubiquitous way,” said
Pramod Raheja, CEO & Co-Founder of Airgility.
With an unmanned AI-powered system that can fly anywhere including GPS denied
environments and spaces, Airgility can help tackle current societal problems in an ever-changing
global environment, including the last mile delivery. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and
machine learning so the drones can perceive their surroundings with sharp accuracy, Airgility
drones can provide feedback in real-time.
Valqari is the only drone delivery solution that has solved the last inch logistics problem with its
patented Valqari Landing Station which provides a secure and convenient delivery receptacle for
both drone and traditional deliveries. With these demanding times posing new safety questions,
Valqari is looking to provide a solution.
Ryan Walsh, Co-Founder and CEO of Valqari, expressed “We have been very impressed with
the AI capabilities of Airgility’s drones and are excited to integrate our technologies to create a
seamless drone delivery network with them.”
Together, the two companies hope to bring real-world solutions to real-world problems using
autonomous unmanned systems capabilities. They have officially entered into a partnership to
start collaborating on various projects
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