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Valqari is a team of dedicated and innovative individuals. From our executives to our engineers, our team is on the forefront of development.
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Ryan has been an integral part of the creation of Valqari’s Smart Drone Delivery Mailbox and focuses his efforts on product development, intellectual property and strategic partnerships in an effort to ultimately reshape the future of the logistics industry. Prior to Valqari, Ryan served three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan with the 75th Ranger Regiment. Upon completing his tours of duty, Ryan successfully led several business operations in industries including retail and service in a partnership with Co-Founder Alex Falesch for the past 10 years.

Ryan Walsh


Kevin is an experienced business professional with a successful track record in a variety of industries.  He is the Co-Founder of IDU Group and has been instrumental in the development of the company's SmartBox and SmartBox Medical ABT products. Kevin is a highly innovative thinker and has several patents to his name. He is also commercially focused, with the ability to see the big picture and drive results. Before he was appointed CEO of IDU Group, Kevin managed over $80m of assets and complex stakeholders globally through humanitarian crises such as the 2015 Ebola outbreak and Niger Delta insurgency. He is highly effective in implementing strategies and procedures, which has resulted in improved safety and corporate governance.



Geoff Graves (Geoff Graves and Assocs, LLC) has wide range of hands-on experience in aviation, logistics, and international development, including being “boots in the rubble” in post-conflict and post-natural crises situations. He has worked for National and State governments, the UN, NGOs, and the private sector in roles from programme development, “a fixer of failing programs” to monitoring and evaluating.Those experiences enabled Geoff to offer informed insights and robust advice across the drone ecosystem. His focus is looking ahead to develop markets and partnerships.

Geoff Graves​


Charles Byers is a Senior Electrical Engineer / Engineering Fellow / System Architect with a track record of leadership in telecommunications, IoT, video, and common platform design / architecture at the chip, board, system, and network levels. Over his 30+ year career, he has served as lead architect on over 20 IoT, video, switching, access, and wireless products.He is also a leader in standards bodies like the OpenFog Consortium, Industrial Internet Consortium, IEEE, PICMG and SCOPE, where I have he has been involved in founding several key standards (including OpenFog, AdvancedTCA, AdvancedMC, MicroTCA), serving as CTO, and chairing several influential committees. He holds over 100 US patents.

Charles Byers​


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