Our Team

Ryan Walsh

Chief Executive Officer, President, and Co-Inventor

Ryan is a US Army Veteran, a serial entrepreneur, and inventor. He served three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan with the 75th Ranger Regiment. He knows how to lead a team in adverse conditions with limited resources. In 2013, Ryan envisioned in the near future that drone delivery would transform the logistics industry.

In order for drone delivery to be viable he realized there was a need for a Smart Drone Delivery Mailbox. Ryan has an MBA in Management from North Central College and BS in Economics from Northeastern Illinois University.

Alexander Falesch

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Inventor

Since 2013, Alex Falesch has been an integral part of the creation of Valqari’s Smart Drone Delivery Mailbox and is the lead visionary behind the product’s design. Alex’s role as co-creator is to ensure the product has exceptional technical design elements and overall high-quality esthetic, while also supporting the company’s partnership acquisitions. He has a history of developing patented inventions, but the imminent drone delivery reality makes Valqari his biggest venture yet.

Previously, Alex served as CEO of his multi-million-dollar business, managing almost 40 people.

Alex has a BFA from the Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago.

Nick Tadros

Chief Business Development Officer

Nick Tadros heads Valqari’s business development and growth. He brings to the company a thorough understanding of identifying key business metrics, growth opportunities, and efficiencies to ensure Valqari is profitable and set up for long-term success.

Nick has spent most his career working alongside entrepreneurs and has senior level management experience in various sectors including retail and commercial real estate development; and has managed a real estate portfolio in excess of $120M.

Nick received a BA in Entrepreneurship from Illinois State University.


Bruce A Billmeyer

Chief Technology Officer

Bruce Billmeyer joined the team in May 2019 after 25 years as a CEO/entrepreneur in plastics technology and manufacturing, patents, finance, and applied information technology. His previous background also includes management positions in marketing and sales for high value systems to Fortune 500 corporations in the retail, health care and manufacturing markets at the executive level.

He is leading the technology development and manufacturing of all Valqari’s efforts world-wide while supporting in the company’s alliances and acquisitions.

Bruce has an MBA from University of Illinois at Chicago in marketing and finance, and, a BS Pharmacy from the University of Iowa.

Partner With Us:

Valqari can provide significant value to drone partners looking for an end-to-end solution for commercial and/or residential deliveries. Currently, Valqari is actively engaging with multiple companies to collaborate on the complete delivery solution using its universal Smart Mailbox.

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