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Valqari and BIB Technologies form strategic partnership

BIB Technologies, Inc ( ) and Valqari, LLC ( ) are pleased toannounce their new Strategic Partnership.Valqari provides a hands-free, no-contact, safe and secure drone mailbox and handling system that enablesany drone to be part of an autonomous end-to-end delivery system. The Point-to-Point Delivery Serviceprovides a safe “unbroken chain of

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self driving track peachtree corners

Peachtree Corners Officially Opens Self-Driving Vehicle Test Track

On Wednesday morning, two drones flew a large red ribbon over Peachtree Corners City Hall and to a ribbon cutting ceremony for the city’s autonomous vehicle research center. Curiosity Lab, a city-funded research center and incubator focusing on self-driving vehicles and other transportation technology, officially opened with Wednesday’s ceremony. The

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Curiosity Lab Ribbon Cutting

Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners, powered exclusively by True Mobile 5G from Sprint, enables companies to prove out emerging technologies in a living environment with smart city infrastructure, next-generation connectivity and real-world conditions Sprint’s groundbreaking Curiosity™ IoT dedicated network and advanced operating system, poised to enable a new world of

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