Meet the Engineering team.

Valqari is a team of dedicated and innovative individuals. From our executives to our engineers, our team is on the forefront of development.

Our Engineers

Valqari is a leading drone landing station company that is changing the way drones are deployed and managed. The company’s engineering team is a group of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to designing and developing cutting-edge technology for drone landing and charging. The team is led by experienced engineers and includes mechanical, electrical, and software engineers, as well as experts in automation and robotics.

The mechanical engineers are responsible for designing the physical components of the landing station, including the structure, materials, and mechanical systems. They work closely with the electrical engineers, who are responsible for the power supply, wiring, and control systems. Together, they ensure that the landing station is safe, reliable, and able to operate in a range of environmental conditions.

The software engineers are responsible for developing the algorithms that control the landing station’s automated processes, as well as the user interface for customers and operators. They work closely with experts in automation and robotics to ensure that the landing station can handle a range of different types of drones, as well as adapt to changing operational requirements.

Overall, the engineering team at Valqari is at the forefront of innovation in the drone industry, and is committed to developing technology that is safe, efficient, and scalable.

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