Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Valqari?

Valqari is a Chicago-based company that has created the only drone delivery solution with its patented Autonomous Logistics Information System. With utility patents in 13 countries, including the United States, China, Canada, Hong Kong, Belgium, Australia, South Africa, Macau, and several countries in the European Union, Valqari is ahead of major players when it comes to the end process of drone delivery.

What is Autonomous Logistics Information System?

It is Valqari’s patented landing pad featuring communication technology that allows for an entirely automated drone delivery.

What safety features does Valqari have in place?

Valqari has exclusive technology that minimizes tampering, damage, and interference during delivery. The platform allows drones to land and release packages into the secured and lockable device, keeping your packages, property, and loved ones protected.

Partner With Us:

Valqari can provide significant value to drone partners looking for an end-to-end solution for commercial and/or residential deliveries. Currently, Valqari is actively engaging with multiple companies to collaborate on the complete delivery solution using our Smart Valqari Box.

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