Who is Valqari?

Valqari is a Chicago-based start-up that has created the only drone delivery solution that has solved the last inch logistic problems with its patented Smart Drone Delivery Mailbox, or RCVR-PAD (Remote Communicating Vault Receiver - Personal Automated Delivery). With utility patents in 13 countries, including United States, China, Canada, Hong Kong, Belgium, Australia, South Africa, Macau and several countries in the European Union, Valqari is ahead of major players when it comes to the end process of a drone delivery.

What is the RCVR-PAD?

The RCVR-PAD, or Remote Communicating Vault Receiver Personal Automated Delivery, is Valqari’s patented landing pad featuring communication technology that will allow for an entirely automated drone delivery.

What safety features does Valqari have in place?

The RCVR-PAD will have exclusive technology that will minimize tampering and interference during delivery.The RCVR-PAD platform will allow drones to land and release packages into the secured and lockable device to help prevent theft or damage to the items delivered.